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With over 20 years of experience Your Tracker is the ideal choice to install vehicle tracking and security solutions for individuals and businesses.

Our client base spans the whole of the UK and all our products are available for nationwide installation by our Thatcham accredited engineers.

Why install a Vehicle Tracker?

In the UK a vehicle is stolen every two minutes and only half of these are ever recovered. Vehicle tracking fitted to your car is the most effective anti-theft device. Owning a vehicle is a major expense and insurance costs are high.

Car theft accounts for nearly 20% of all crimes committed in the UK, and although you may be insured, in the event of your car being stolen, you will still have to pay a hefty excess. And when you make a claim, your insurance premiums may be increased.

The solution is vehicle tracking. Vehicle tracking can be fitted in your car quickly and at a cost effective price and will protect you by acting as a anti theft device and help in lowering your insurance premiums.

Our most popular Vehicle Trackers

Insurance Approved
24hr Tracking
Nationwide Installation
Fitted by Approved Installers
European Coverage
Motion Sensing Alert
Battery Backup
Low Battery Alert
Battery Disconnect Alerts
Internet Enabled
GPS & GSM Blocking Alerts
Encrypted Remote Fobs
Remote Immobilisation
Device Warranty
Tracking Technology
Subscriptions (From)
Price (inc VAT)
2 Years
12 Volts
£195 View Tracker
2 Years
12 Volts
£699 View Tracker
3 Years
12/24 Volts
£229 View Tracker
3 Years
12/24 Volts
£295 View Tracker
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Nationwide installation

All our Vehicle Trackers are available for installation nationwide.