Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve

Protect your non-powered assets from theft with Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve

Is power an issue? Not any more!

Protect your non powered assets in the event of theft, by investing in the Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve. The battery powered unit has a lifespan of 5 years, after which it will need replacing.


  • Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve is the most innovative and flexible product from the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist.

  • As a self-contained device with its own power source the unit doesn't need to be wired into the asset's electrical system.

  • There are fewer restrictions on where to install the unit within the asset.

  • It takes advantage of our proven Very High Frequency (VHF) technology and is operated by all UK police forces.

  • In partnership with the police, TRACKER has recovered more than £450 million worth of stolen vehicles to date.

European cover

TRACKER Monitor is covered in the following European countries (in addition to the UK):



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Tracker Battery Powered Stolen Recovery Systems
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