What are Caravan Trackers and How Effective They Are?

Caravan TrackerOf late, a number of people have started showing interest in procuring Caravans while holidaying. However, with rise in interest for recreational vehicles, the incidents of their theft are also on the rise. Due to their high cost, caravans serve as prime target for thieves all around the country.

Hence, installing a caravan tracking device could prove to be an effective step for controlling their theft and for increasing their level of security. If your caravan has been stolen, the vehicle tracking device can instantly detect its location and can guide you and the police, for recovering it quickly.

How Does Caravan Tracking Units Keep Track of Your Vehicles?

Vehicle  tracker units offer an array of vehicle tracking solutions that protect your vehicle in the event of theft. With the help of these tracking devices, a caravan can be located and recovered in quick time. With the amalgamation of recent advancements and GPS technology, owners can stay assured of obtaining utmost security for their luxury vehicles.

Take a look at how you can recover your vehicles quickly with a caravan tracker unit:

  • If geofence is selected you can obtain a crime number and report it to the police
  • Tracker activates the unit that emits a unique signal to the control centre
  • The control centre will monitor and determine the exact location of your vehicle
  • The control centre will guide the police about that exact location for speedy recovery

Installing a high quality vehicle tracking device in your caravan will not only provide you with an added security feature, but will also offer you the much needed peace of mind. Some of the most popular caravan tracking devices that are largely endorsed by the UK police force includes:

Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve: This high quality caravan tracking unit is a worthwhile stolen vehicle tracking system. It has been designed specially to safeguard non-powered or infrequently used vehicles like caravans and other luxurious vehicles.

Trackstar Leisure: Trackstar Leisure comes with an optional internal motion sensor alarm that alerts the 24/7 Trackstar Monitoring Centre of any illegitimate movements. This low power consumption caravan tracker can run for up to one year on a fully charged battery.

Benefits of caravans tracking devices

Trackers with the VHF Technology: Advanced quality vehicle tracking units with VHF technology are one of the most efficient ways to protect your vehicles from getting stolen. Unlike GPS-only tracking systems, today’s tracking devices emit a unique signal that cannot be jammed by any of the GPS/GSM jammers.

Easily locate a vehicle: The modern vehicle tracker devices are generally activated via motion sensors that can easily detect an unauthorized movement. Therefore, in the event of theft, police can easily locate your vehicle even if it is hidden in underground car parking, lock-up, or in containers.

Advanced technology: The caravan tracking devices have been designed by professionals while keeping such leisure vehicles in mind. They use satellite positioning (GPS) and mobile phone (GSM) technology to detect a vehicle’s current position and status. If the vehicle is moved without the consent of the owner, it will automatically inform the operating centre, who in turn will contact the owner and co-ordinate with the police for a quicker vehicle recovery.

24/7 Service: The control centre is police approved and is operated 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, it has liaison and vehicle recovery in other countries as well, to guarantee the fact that the owner is covered even whilst traveling abroad.

In short, the caravan tracker gives you the freedom to go anywhere without worrying about the security of your luxury vehicle and enjoy your travel experience to the fullest.

Plant Machinery Trackers

Plan Machinery TrackersA business has to put in a lot of capital investment when it comes to agricultural or haulage equipment and plant machinery. Losing it to theft or even malfunctioning and misuse can cost way too much. Therefore, it is best to take certain precautionary measures in advance so you don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds later on.

Installing a powerful and sophisticated plant tracking system is one of them.

Why do you need a Plant Tracker App?

In case your plant equipment gets stolen, recovery is difficult and replacing it is another burden on your budget. You may end up losing a lot of business too during the time that piece of equipment is missing.

Similarly, if you don’t have any activity-monitoring tracker installed in your plant, a lot of misuse in operation and unnecessary fuel consumption may be going unnoticed.

Over the last 2 decades, we have installed plant and machinery trackers for construction professionals and builders, farmers, transport providers and plant hire businesses.

Get the Best Plant Tracking Systems Installed by our Thatcham Certified Engineers

At YourTracker.co.uk, we have listed top rated plant trackers by leading manufacturers in the market and also offer their installation by our experienced, Thatcham certified engineers all across UK.

These tracking systems are designed to meet the needs of diverse commercial businesses and come with advanced features like motion detection, 24 hour live location and performance information and even remote immobilisation.

Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve

  • Small, powerful device for all kind of plant and machinery
  • Self contained battery as power source
  • 5 Years battery life
  • VHF tracking technology that detects equipment underground or hidden in containers
  • Insurance approved
  • Recommended by police force

Check out full range of features here.

Tracker Plant

  • Designed especially for agricultural and construction plant equipment
  • GSM, GPS and VHF tracking that detects equipment underground or hidden in containers
  • Police recommended
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Fleet management
  • Driver activity monitoring
  • Running hours tracking
  • Fleet management reports
  • Pan European coverage
  • Web portal access
  • Servicing alerts

Check out full range of features here.

Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R

  • Rugged design offering real time tracking, sensitivity and wireless communication
  • Tough casing
  • Thatcham CAT 6
  • European Coverage (Conditions apply)
  • Hours capture
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Trackstar App for iOS and Android

Check out full range of features here.

Masternaut Asset Tracking for Plant & Construction Equipment

  • Compact, discreet, easy to fit, simple installation
  • 24/7 GPS tracking
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Geo-fencing
  • Online web access
  • Positioning updates
  • Movement detection
  • Battery updates
  • Data aggregation
  • Activity alerts and pings

Check out full range of features here.

Road Angel Fleet Asset

  • Journey tracking with 60 second intervals in case of theft
  • SMS, email and web alerts
  • Fleet location tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Remote immobilisation

Check out full range of features here.

Browse all plant trackers and portable machinery tracking devices offered by YourTracker.co.uk here or give us a call on 01274 733 633 for free help advice. We offer nationwide installation by certified technicians.

What are Thatcham Approved Vehicle Trackers?

The Best Vehicle Trackers are Approved by Thatcham in UK

  • Thatcham is the industry authority on the accreditation and testing of vehicle tracking systems and security products in the automotive industry.
  • Based on stringent testing and quality analysis, Thatcham approves and distinguishes vehicle tracking devices and protection systems in different categories. These categories correspond to the level of security and features offered by various vehicle protection systems and tracking devices in the automotive industry.
  • Car manufacturers also recommend the installation of Thatcham approved tracking devices on your vehicles for optimum protection.
  • Insurance providers may also offer discounts in premiums if a Thatcham approved tracking system is installed in your vehicle.

At YourTracker.co.uk, we offer you the best quality Thatcham approved tracking systems from leading manufacturers across UK, and offer installation of these devices on your doorstep by trained and certified engineers. Plus, you can be assured of the best quality, rates and service when you choose us.

Do You Need a Tracking Device for your Vehicle in UK?

The simple answer is YES!

With a Thatcham approved tracking device installed in your vehicle, you can only be sure that your vehicle is being protected by the latest and most advanced security technology at all times. Even if your vehicle does get stolen, the chances of its fast recovery without damage are also increased when you have a Thatcham approved tracker installed.

Why Get a Thatcham Approved Tracking System for Your Vehicle?

Because your vehicle deserves the best in quality, technology, precision and performance.

Thoroughly tested, Thatcham approved security devices come with a rage of features and functionality that makes recovery of your stolen vehicle as fast and simple as possible. You can also get an overview of mileage, journey information and online location tracking through some Thatcham approved trackers, which adds to the ease of use, control and convenience. Plus, they can bring down the costs of insurance renewal in the long term.

Call Us for Installation of Thatcham Approved Vehicle Trackers at Your Doorstep

Only a Thatcham certified engineer should be trusted for the installation of vehicle tracking systems in your car. Not doing so can cause malfunctioning and damage to the internal wiring system of your vehicle.

Give us a call now at 01274 733 633 for the installation of best quality and reliable vehicle trackers by Tracker, Cobra, Trafficmaster and more on your doorstep. Thatcham approved vehicle trackers are recommended by leading vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, VW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Audi and more.

What is the Best Tracker for Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes TrackerDid you know that there are far more chances of a Mercedes Benz being stolen in the UK than any other brand? Reason? Mercedes Benz is one of the most luxurious and elite brands of cars around the world, powerful, sophisticated and high performance at the same time. Therefore, it is important to put in a lot of thought process and research in the selection of a tracking system for this car.

At YourTracker.co.uk, we have shortlisted a number of tracking device brands that provide the highest level of security and a wide suite of features for theft protection of Mercedes.

Take a look:

Tracking Devices by COBRA

Cobra offers a wide range of vehicle tracking systems that are budget friendly as well as packed with powerful security features and advanced functionality. Amongst the choices, CobraTrak 5 and CobraTrak ADR Cards are the best choices for round the clock protection of Mercedes Benz.

CobraTrak 5

This Thatcham Category 5 tracking system boasts of a number of advanced features, like locking your ignition remotely and starting the vehicle through a driver identification card.

Full list of features include:

  • Remote immobilisation
  • Driver Recognition Cards (ADR)
  • Location tracking via GSM and GPRS
  • Geofencing (Only for CobraTrak 5 Web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
  • Towing away, jammer and tampering alerts
  • Insurance approval by major providers
  • Three years warranty
  • System health tracking
  • Device transferable to replacement vehicles
  • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)

CobraTrak ADR Cards

These are pocket-sized cards with Thatcham Category 6 approval and a bonus feature only found in CAT 5 devices – automatic driver recognition cards. Recommended for your Mercedes Benz, this tracking system has a number of advanced features as well, such as:

  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition Cards)
  • Location tracking via GSM and GPRS
  • Geofencing (Only for CobraTrak 5 Web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
  • Towing away, jammer and tampering alerts
  • Insurance approval by major providers
  • Three years warranty
  • System health tracking
  • Device transferable to replacement vehicles
  • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)

Tracking Devices by TRACKER

The brand Tracker is synonymous with sophistication and advanced technology in the world of tracking and security devices. Two tracking devices by Tracker, Tracker Cat 5 Plus and Tracker Locate Cat 6 are recommended for Mercedes drivers.

Tracker Locate

Tracker Locate is one of their premium theft protection products, certified by Thatcham in Category 6 and recommended by renowned Car Manufacturers like Toyota, Mercedes and Lexus. Installing Tracker Locate also makes you eligible for a number of insurance discounts.

They also come with features like:

  • Anti jamming and anti tampering alert.
  • Motion sensing.
  • Tracker website access that offers web tracking functionality and gives access to route, driving reports and online security alerts.
  • Location tracking based on GSM, GPS and VHF technology.
  • Police support.
  • Insurance approval by major providers.
  • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)

Tracker Cat 5 Plus

Falling in Thatcham Category 5 with its advanced features, Tracker Cat 5 Plus is a top notch vehicle tracking system by the brand Tracker that lets you control who starts the vehicle and comes with a 95% vehicle recovery guarantee by Tracker (conditions apply).

Features include:

  • Driver identification tags
  • Anti jamming and anti tampering alert.
  • Motion sensing.
  • Location tracking based on GSM, GPS and VHF technology.
  • Police support.
  • Backup battery.
  • Insurance approval by major providers.
  • Tracker website access that offers web tracking functionality and gives access to route, driving reports and online security alerts.
  • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)
  • Tracker guarantee of vehicle recovery within 48 hours and 95% recovery success (conditions apply)

Tracking Devices by MetaTrak

Another great choice when it comes to vehicle theft tracking particularly for luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz is the powerful and sophisticated MetaTrak.

MetaTrak 5

MetaTrak5 comes with a suite of vehicle theft protection features, and a Thatcham Category 5 certification, which ensures optimal security of your Mercedes Benz round the clock, 365 days a year.

Here is the full feature set:

  • Location tracking via GSM and GPRS
  • Automatic Driver Recognition cards to start the vehicle
  • Remote Engine Lock
  • Alerts on vehicle towing or engine, battery tampering
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Transferable to replacement vehicles
  • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)
  • Access to Web Platform to track and locate vehicle online
  • Dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android

Need any of these tracking systems installed on your Mercedes? Give us a call at 01274 733633 for guidance and advice by our certified, trained staff.

Top Features of COBRA Car Trackers

CobratrakCobra offers a range of CAT 5 and CAT 6 stolen vehicle tracking devices that are best for Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Nissan, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, Renault, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Infiniti, Tesla, McLaren and Volkswagen.

Searching for the best theft-tracking device for your Audi?

CobraTrak is the recommended brand by top car manufacturers and is accredited for installation in in Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi and several more brands. These top-of-the-line tracking devices have advanced GSM tracking technology, liaison with police authorities and pan European coverage (conditions apply), and can accurately pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle in minutes. Plus, they have alert systems and remote control mechanism that ensures that your Audi is secure whether it’s in a parking lot or outside a supermarket.

Accreditation by Thatcham

CobraTrak has both Category 5 and Category 6 Thatcham accredited tracking devices for Audi. Thatcham is the quality standard in UK for evaluating the security features in vehicle theft tracking devices.

Insurance Advantage

CobraTrak devices and comprehensive systems are recognised by most insurance providers and their installation in your Audi can result in lowered premium and discounts.

Three-Year Warranty and Transfer

CobraTrak devices are transferable to other vehicles and have a 3-year warranty.

Protection Across Europe (Conditions Apply)

You can avail theft protection and security across 36 countries in Europe (conditions apply) and are approved for theft protection and tracking in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (Monaco), Germany (Liechtenstein), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (Vatican City, San Marino), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (Andorra, Gibraltar), Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and UK.

Advanced Features

Get Alerts if the vehicle is towed away or the battery is tampered with

Exclusively available in CobraTrak Plus, Cobra ADR and CobraTrak 5 system, the tracking device will send you an alert if the vehicle is moved when the ignition is off. Similarly, there are tampering alerts that are generated when the battery or wiring is disconnected or damaged. The ‘Transport Mode’ allows for alert-free movement by permission of the vehicle owner. (Limited to certain models only)

Lock the Vehicle Ignition Remotely

When you receive an alert that the vehicle is moved without your permission, CobraTrak 5 lets you immobilise the car and prevents the engine from being restarted again.

Start Vehicle with Driver Identification Cards

Instead of just keys, CobraTrak systems have driver identification cards. The system will generate an alert if the vehicle is started without a card, alerting you to possible theft.

Restrict and Monitor Vehicle Entry and Exit through Geofencing

You can set designated areas where the vehicle can travel – if it gets out of that zone you’ll get alerts on entry and exit. This is however applicable to Cobra Web integration. (To be made available after June 2016)

Our Top Picks

CobraTrak Plus

CobraTrak Plus is a CAT 6 tracking systems with European coverage (conditions apply), pinpoint GSM tracking, police liaison and more. Full list of features includes:

  • Geofencing (Only for Cobra Track Plus Web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
  • Towing away alert when vehicle is moved without turning the ignition on.
  • Tamper alert when the vehicle battery is disconnected or damaged.
  • GSM jammer alerts when jamming devices are used to stop signal detection.
  • Geo-fencing
  • Insurance approved for major providers
  • Three year warranty
  • Tracker transfer to other vehicles
  • GPS, GSM and GPRS tracking
  • European coverage (conditions apply)
  • Automatic system health tracking
  • Year round protection, 24 hours a day

CobraTrak 5

CobraTrak 5 is a top-notch CAT 5 theft-tracking device for Audi that offers sophisticated features like Remote Ignition Locking, immobilisation and driver identification. Full list of features includes:

  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)
  • Remote immobilisation
  • Geofencing (Only for CobraTrak 5 Web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
  • Towing away alert when vehicle is moved without turning the ignition on.
  • Tamper alert when the vehicle battery is disconnected or damaged.
  • GSM jammer alerts when jamming devices are used to stop signal detection.
  • Geo-fencing
  • Insurance approved for major providers
  • Three year warranty
  • Tracker transfer to other vehicles
  • GPS, GSM and GPRS tracking
  • European coverage (conditions apply)
  • Automatic system health tracking
  • Year round protection, 24 hours a day

CobraTrak ADR

Although CobraTrak ADR is a CAT 6 tracking system, it comes with automatic driver recognition that adds an extra layer of security and protection. Full list of features includes:

  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)
  • Geofencing (Only for CobraTrak web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
  • Towing away alert when vehicle is moved without turning the ignition on.
  • Tamper alert when the vehicle battery is disconnected or damaged.
  • GSM jammer alerts when jamming devices are used to stop signal detection.
  • Geo-fencing
  • Insurance approved for major providers
  • Three year warranty
  • Tracker transfer to other vehicles
  • GPS, GSM and GPRS tracking
  • European coverage (conditions apply)
  • Automatic system health tracking
  • Year round protection, 24 hours a day

CobraTrak 5 and CobraTrak Plus Web

Get access to real time web tracking on the go with CobraTrak web integration package for its CAT 5 and CAT 6 theft tracking systems. CobraTrak is the standard recommended for Audi for the best in security, theft protection and recovery. The web package that lets you monitor several vehicles through a password protected portal can be added to CobraTrak 5 and CobraTrak Plus Web for a small fee and will be available from June 2016.

Its features include:

  • Towing away alert when vehicle is moved without turning the ignition on.
  • Tamper alert when the vehicle battery is disconnected or damaged.
  • GSM jammer alerts when jamming devices are used to stop signal detection.
  • Geo-fencing
  • ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) (Available for CobraTrak5 only)
  • Remote immobilisation (Available in CobraTrak5 only)
  • Insurance approved for major providers
  • Three year warranty
  • Tracker transfer to other vehicles
  • GPS, GSM and GPRS tracking
  • European coverage (conditions apply)
  • Automatic system health tracking

Year round protection, 24 hours a day

Top Reasons for Choosing Tracfficmaster Trackstar Trackers

TrafficmasterDo you own a Jaguar, BMW, Range Rover or Land Rover? Secure Your Car Against Theft with Trafficmaster Trackstar Car Trackers.

Recommended and approved for installation by 20 major car manufacturers including BMW, Range Rover, Jaguar and Land Rover, Tracfficmaster Trackstar tracking devices are one of the top choices in UK for vehicle security and theft protection.

These trackers utilise the latest GPS, GSM and motion sensing technology that pinpoint the accurate location of your vehicle in real-time and updates this data in the operating centre every 20 seconds. Alerts are activated immediately if the vehicle is moved from its location and coordination with the police is done as soon as possible to recover your car without any unnecessary delays.


GPS Location

The Locate My Vehicle option on your account gives you mapped coordinates of your vehicle whenever you want.

Business Mileage Tracking

When filing for tax returns, you need accurate data of your car’s journey routes, differentiated on the basis of personal and business use. Trafficmaster Trackstar offers mileage capture for every journey so you can keep track of personal trips and business journeys.

Journey Tracking

Monitor vehicle journeys as well as speed and routes to maintain a clean record against speeding or parking tickets.

The Trackstar App

Stay connected to your vehicle on the go! The Trackstar app is integrated with your tracking system, and provides access to features like location detection, geo-fencing, journey history and journey replay on your smartphone. Available for both iOS and Android users, you can monitor the following with a tap on the screen:

GPS location: Track location of the vehicle in real time.

Geo-fencing: Monitor vehicle movement and get alerts if the vehicle goes in a zone outside of the geo-fence marked.

Journey history: Overview of journeys made by the vehicle.

Journey replay: Watch journeys live on your phone to track vehicle speed, position and more.

Why Choose Trafficmaster Trackstar Devices for Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW or Range Rover?

  • The only stolen Vehicle tracking system approved for Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar and BMW
  • Tracking updates sent every 20 seconds
  • 24 hour tracking and monitoring
  • Built in battery backup
  • Reduces insurance premiums
  • Lets you recover your car in as low as 8 minutes!
  • Vehicle tracking and management system approved by 20 major car manufacturers
  • Complies with British Insurance Industry’s Quality Accreditation
  • Thatcham CAT 5 and CAT 6 standard approved
  • Motion sensing and GPS, GSM technology activated
  • Approved by leading insurance providers
  • Trusted and recommended by police
  • Full European cover (Conditions apply)
  • Web based and app based location tracking
  • Operational 24/7/365
  • Transferable to other vehicle
  • Installation across UK by our Thatcham certified engineers
  • Alerts on battery removal
  • Anti tamper alerts
  • Alerts on vehicle towing
  • Automatic activation when leaving car (On Trackstar CAT 5 and Trackstar Advance only)
  • Protection from key theft (On Trackstar CAT 5 and Trackstar Advance only)
  • Driver Identification (On Trackstar Advance only)
  • Anti key cloning immobilisation (On Trackstar Advance only)

Additional Features

Our Top Picks

Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470 CAT 6

Leading vehicle theft detection device utilising the latest GPS and GSM technology. Liaised with police authorities, comes with internal battery backup and in-built motion sensor.

Trafficmaster Trackstar Advance Cat 6

Approved by leading insurance providers, this Thatcham CAT 6 stolen vehicle-tracking device with advanced telematics functionalities is endorsed by leading police authorities and approved by BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover and Land Rover. It utilises driver identification technology and vehicle immobilisation to ensure quick and accurate recovery of your vehicle.

Trafficmaster Trackstar CAT5

This Thatcham category 5 tracking device comes with in-built towing sensor to detect vehicle movement and towing, detect tampering to tracking device, generate alerts on battery removal and activate automatically as soon as you leave the vehicle. This tracker uses automatic driver recognition (ADR) tags so that those who have the authorised card only can start the vehicle and an alert is generated when the card is missing. This protects against theft if the car keys are stolen.

A Complete Guide to TRACKER CAT 5 Plus

What if we tell you that you can drive your dream vehicle with complete peace of mind?

TRACKER CAT 5 Plus protects your vehicle on the go so the police can find it quickly and accurately in the event of theft. You just need to ensure that you keep your Tracker membership card and registration document safe with you at all times and the rest will be taken care of by TRACKER.

Why Should You Get a Tracker Installed in Your Car?

A lot of hassle and financial ache comes with the theft of your car! Aside from the personal distress, you may be looking at:

  • Potential damage to your car
  • Loss of insurance claim and excess bonus
  • Increase in insurance premium
  • Additional costs of car hire
  • And more . . .

With a sophisticated tracking system like TRACKER CAT 5 Plus fitted in your car, there is less chance of damage and delays and better chances of recovering your car FASTER!

Why Choose TRACKER CAT 5 Plus?

Once you have TRACKER CAT 5 Plus installed in your car, you can sit back and relax that your vehicle is in the safest of hands.

  • £486million worth of stolen vehicles recovered through TRACKER.
  • Operated and trusted by all UK police forces.
  • Meets the highest Thatcham Category 5 standard.
  • Offers tracking protection round the clock, 365 days a year.
  • On normal usage, a report is sent to Tracker’s secure operating centre every 5 minutes.
  • Uses GSM, GPS and VHF technology to accurately track stolen vehicles whether they are parked underground or hidden in a container.
  • Offers journey reports and mileage information through the My TRACKER website.

What Happens if the Vehicle Gets Stolen?

As soon as you notice that your vehicle is not where you left it,

  1. Report the theft to the police,
  2. Get a Crime Reference Number from the police,
  3. Call TRACKER and tell them this Crime Reference Number, Vehicle Registration Number and your TRACKER CAT 5 Plus serial number.
  4. Once the police locate the vehicle, a uniformed guard from TRACKER will arrive at the location and stay with the vehicle till it’s returned to you. The vehicle may also be immobilised so the engine isn’t started again until you take control of it.

Features of TRACKER CAT 5 Plus

Tags for Driver Identification

TRACKER CAT 5 Plus uses driver tags to authenticate drivers and detect any illegal action on your vehicle. Therefore, keep in mind that the tags should be kept separately than your driver keys so you don’t end up losing them to a thief.

To start the vehicle, the driver must have the driver tag on them and if not, an alert will be sent to you. As soon as the alert is generated, one of Tracker’s representatives will contact you to confirm the location of the vehicle.

Ignition Switch Off

When the vehicle ignition is switched off, the TRACKER CAT 5 Plus will get armed. It will get disarmed automatically when the ignition is on and the driver tag is within a distance of 1 metre from the vehicle.

Movement Alert

If the vehicle is towed away without the ignition being turned on, a movement alert will be sent and the representatives from TRACKER will contact you to confirm the location of your vehicle.

Health Check Messaging

In case the TRACKER alert is not sent to the operating centre for more than 28 days, a message is sent to you to confirm that the system is working optimally without any issues.

Reporting on Private and Business Mileage

You can use the official TRACKER website to get detailed information and analysis on vehicle performance, including number of journey hours, private mileage, business mileage and more.

Backup Battery

The TRACKER CAT 5 Plus unit comes with a non-rechargeable backup battery. This will continue to operate and protect your vehicle for up to one month even if the vehicle battery is unavailable (For example, when the vehicle has been stolen and hidden) Keep the vehicle battery charged at all times – the backup battery will need to be replaced by one of the TRACKER support staff before it runs flat at a chargeable cost.

Instant Operation

As soon as the tracking unit is installed in the vehicle, it becomes functional to start protection. However, the movement sensor is inactive during the first 2 hours so that no false alerts are sent during the fitting of the unit.


To get a new TRACKER CAT 5 Plus or more information: 01274 733633

To transfer ownership of the TRACKER: 01895 455 774

To report the theft of your vehicle: +44 (0) 1752 512 173

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Registration Document Used For?

The registration document has details about your tracking system and your contact information. Check for accuracy of all details and get amendments made if needed by giving TRACKER a call. This is a very important document and should be kept at a safe location, and never left in the car.

I want to transport my vehicle myself. Can I do it without the TRACKER system getting activated?

You can transport the vehicle yourself if you notify TRACKER. To make sure that a false alert is not generated, give TRACKER a call on 01752 512 173. This way tracking service will be suspended for a limited duration of time.

How Do I Know that My TRACKER CAT 5 Plus is Operational?

For normal usage, the system will send an alert to the TRACKER operating system every 5 minutes. If there is no communication received from your vehicle for 28 days, the staff at TRACKER will give you a call to ensure if everything is okay.

What Happens When You Sell the Vehicle?

A TRACKER system cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another and will stay on the original vehicle for its entire lifetime. If you are selling the vehicle, the new owner will have to register with TRACKER and get a new subscription with a new registration fee. You’ll have to send the tear-off section of your registration document to the TRACKER Network office.

Is it Necessary to get the TRACKER System Tested?

The technical personnel will test the system at the time of installation free of cost. However, you should call for retesting if there have been any major changes to the electrical system of the vehicle, if the vehicle has been in any accident and after the vehicle has been recovered after theft. There will be a minor fee charged for this testing.

Will my Tracker System Work if the Vehicle Battery is disconnected?

It will work on the backup battery. But an alert will be sent to TRACKER. Notify TRACKER before removing vehicle battery so a false alert isn’t sent to you. Keep the battery charged at all times so that the backup one isn’t drained.

How Does the Driver Tag Work?

The driver tag operates through a CR2032 battery. It will send an alert when it’s running low of charge and the battery can then be replaced.

How Many Driver Tags Can a Vehicle Have?

Up to 5 tags can be allocated to a vehicle and you will receive 2 when you purchase the TRACKER CAT 5 Plus system. Further tags can be added by calling TRACKER.

What is Meant by 48 Hour Recovery Guarantee?

TRACKER guarantees that the stolen vehicles will be recovered to you within 48 hours of activation of the tracking system, or else the subscription fee will be refunded to the customer (terms and conditions apply). This is valid up to the length of TRACKER warranty and is eligible to:

  • New passenger car and LCV customers only (New customers means after March 2014). No other vehicles are eligible.
  • Those who have had hardware installation services done by TRACKER.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

What is ‘Guard and Recover’ Service?

Once the police has located your stolen vehicle, a uniformed guard from TRACKER will arrive at the location and stay with the vehicle till it’s picked up for return by the recovery company. (Limited to mainland Great Britain Only)

Hidden Benefits of Installing Car & Fleet Trackers

Did you know that installing vehicle-tracking devices could improve employee management, streamline fleet reporting and even bring down insurance costs for you?

Car tracking systems are available with a variety of budget considerations and custom features – here are some of the hidden benefits of installing vehicle trackers that can benefit your business in the long run. Take a look:

Track Mileage and Engine Condition

Vehicle trackers do more than location identification – they come with comprehensive reporting, driver behaviour analysis and fleet management capabilities. You can get alerts and notifications on your smartphone which saves time and makes the process more feasible and smooth.

Improve Administration and Reporting

Detailed reporting on driver behaviour, number of work hours being put in, fuel consumption within the fleet and overall efficiency can prove to be of great value to a business. Sophisticated tracking products come with dash cam integration provide constant feed of behind the wheel. This video information can reduce chances of rash driving and also provide evidence in case of an accident.

Get Insurance Discounts

With a good tracking system in place, you can consistently monitor driver performance as well as engine deterioration, so that repairs are made in due time and sudden breakdowns are avoided. This saves on insurance renewals. Better safety considerations in the vehicle, enhanced driver dynamics and reporting through dash cams also brings down premiums and lets you avail discounts with various insurance providers.

Monitor Fuel Consumption of Your Fleet

Trackers with fuel card integration give you a clear idea of the fuel usage in your fleet. Fuel cards limit unnecessary journeying, increase workforce utilisation and reduce any manual discrepancies that may occur if only the vehicle odometer is used for reporting purposes.

Avoid Health and Safety Penalties

Vehicle trackers with business and private mileage switch provide accurate reporting data for HMRC. All companies in the UK managing a fleet have to keep record of vehicle mileage, and tracker data can prove to be a great help in this regard. Plus, this data compilation and report generation is automatic which means less manual work for your staff and more productivity for the business.

Allocate Boundaries for Your Fleet

To cut down on fuel wastage and also make sure that the vehicles aren’t utilised for personal use, you can get boundary alerts activated. This means that if the vehicle enters any zone out of range, you will get email as well as app based notifications (iOS, Android and Windows)

Get Towing Away Alerts

If the vehicle is towed away without your permission, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. This ensures that the vehicle is not misused, and also chances of theft are reduced considerably. However, this feature is only applicable to CAT5, CAT6 and CAT7 tracking products.

Need help selecting the best tracking software for your fleet? Give us a call and let us suggest the best tracking products and additional components for your fleet from top Thatcham approved manufacturers. We can suggest you tips, guidance and best choices for vehicle trackers, plant and machinery trackers, fleet management systems and stolen vehicle recovery.

What are the Top Advantages of Car and Vehicle Trackers?

Think that a car tracker can only help recover your vehicle in case it’s been stolen?

Well, think again.

At Your Tracker, we offer a wide range of sophisticated vehicle tracking and fleet management systems that will not only ensure security, but also provide reporting, driver management and fleet administration advantages.

Here are some of the benefits and perks of installing vehicle-tracking devices that you should know about:

Monitor Fleet Remotely

Vehicle trackers give you detailed reports and real time information about vehicle location via GPS technology.

Track Fuel Consumption

Fuel card integration on tracking products like Tracker Fleet Plus gives you reports on fuel usage, working hours and more. You can use this information to reduce fuel consumption and avoid extra overtime.

Check Driver Behaviour

Using a comprehensive tracking system, you can detect vehicle speeding, unsafe driving and monitor illegal driver behaviour. This can help you establish a positive image for your business and also lets you avoid fines and charges. The reports are also great for driver education and administration.

Comply with HMRC Regulations

By keeping a check on work hours, vehicle safety and driver performance, you can submit accurate reports to HMRC on business and private mileage.

Maintain a Green Image

Vehicle trackers also give you an overview of carbon footprint so your business can maintain an environment friendly image.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance certified trackers bring down renewal costs and also let you score discounts with certain providers.

Assure Diagnostic Performance

On certain tracking systems, you can check vehicle diagnostic lights through remote computer dashboard.

Provide Driver ID

You can control and monitor who drives the vehicle and reduce chances of theft.

Allow Geofencing Advantages

You can set specific zones where you want to allow your vehicles and fleet to move in. If any vehicle in the fleet enters areas outside of these allocated boundaries, you’ll receive instant alerts via email.

Enable 2-Way Communication on the Go

The latest tracker vision products allow two-way communication between you and the driver module in real time.

Automatic Immobilisation

Certain tracking devices allow automatic remote immobilisation of the vehicle if the ignition is turned off. At Your Tracker, we have a skilled team that specialises in immobilisation of high value motor homes and high performance vehicles on demand.

Towing Away Alert

Aside from vehicle tracking, you can also track and monitor vehicle parts. For example, in high performance motor homes or plant machinery, if certain parts are towed away without your permission, you’ll be notified immediately.

Offer Email Notifications and SMS

You can get reports and notifications via email so there are absolutely no delays in fleet management and tracking wherever you are and whenever you want. You can also receive alerts via text messages for some tracking products.

Dash Cam Integration

Integrated dashboard cameras in the fleet vehicles provide an additional layer of control and monitoring to the manager. These front-facing cameras fitted on the dashboard offer a constant feed that records driver behaviour and reports erratic driving. This video data can also be used in the event of an accident for evidence purposes. Dash cams are sometimes part of the fleet tracking systems and can also be bought as an optional extra to be integrated with the current tracker.

Come with Multi-system support

Aside from desktop interface, you can get all the data for your fleet on your phone. Modern vehicle tracking systems are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

Need help selecting the best vehicle trackers for your business? Want the best value for price and quality second to none? You can trust the experienced engineers at Your Tracker for the best choice. Give us a call for personal consultation or compare top car trackers on our website.

How to Enhance Fleet Performance with Vehicle Trackers

If you are running a business that requires managing multiple forms of commute, there is bound to be a lot of information overload everyday. Having a smart tracking system in place can make your life a lot easy, as they come with a number of features and diverse functionality that can be customised as per your needs.

How Can a Vehicle Tracker Increase Fleet Productivity?

Depending upon the manufacturer, vehicle trackers are not just limited to theft recovery – they act as a comprehensive fleet control and vehicle management suite. Optimising your work processes and delivering streamlined reporting advantages, these devices cut down on the costs and time, enhance efficiency and convenience and also improve your customer service and supply chain efficiency in the long run.

What Do We at Your Tracker Offer for Your Fleet?

With a diverse selection of fleet management products, an experienced installation and servicing team and two decades worth of experience under our belt, we can help you select and customise the best tracking solutions for your fleet.

Real Time Tracking of Location and Incidents

Find top rated, sophisticated tracking products on our website that come with advanced GPS locating and reporting functionality.

Automatic and Manual Vehicle Immobilisation

Some tracking systems come with an automatic immobilisation feature that help you recover the vehicle in case it has been stolen or enters in a forbidden zone. The operator can immobilise the vehicle using a secure operating system when the ignition is turned off.

Reporting to HMRC

Fleet operators have to submit reports to HMRC detailing working hours, and tracking products make life a lot easier in this regard. You can use the private switch and business mileage switch for an accurate review of total working hours and avoid penalties and investigations.

Coverage Across UK, Europe and Around the Globe

You can track your fleet anywhere across UK, and some tracking systems also allow Europe and global tracking capabilities. It all depends upon the country regulation contracts. Give us a call to learn more about tracking areas and remote reach.

Dash Cam Integration

With dashboard cameras, you can get a constant feed on driver behaviour and use the data as evidence for an insurance claim in case of an accident. Some dash cams come as part of the tracking systems and they can also be added as an optional extra.

Our Top Picks for Fleet Tracking and Management

At Your Tracker, complete tracking systems by reliable, renowned vendors for vehicles, cars, fleet and plant machinery are available at the best rates. For fleet tracking and remote management, our top picks are Tracker Fleet Plus with Driver ID and Tracker Fleet Plus with Private Mileage. Both come with additional fuel card integration that can help you monitor and manage overall fuel consumption and compile reports of fuel data. This improves fuel efficiency and saves costs in the long run. Another great pick is Tracker Vision, which combines fleet tracking with job allocation, navigation, reporting and driver communication through an in-cab Garmin terminal can be used for cars, heavy goods vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

For more information on how to select the best tracking system for your fleet, give us a call and talk to one of our expert engineers. We specialise in tracker comparison, installation, maintenance and manual vehicle immobilisation as well.