CAT5 Stolen Recovery Systems

Thatcham Category 5 Approved Car Tracker Systems

The top of the range tracking system. Cat 5 Trackers provides the best form of security. These trackers are designed specifically to tackle key theft. These sophisticated systems have an advanced GPS system with a remote facility to prevent the vehicle being driven and has in built motion sensors to identify unauthorised movement.

This high performance tracker comes with a transponder unit. The owner has to carry the transponder unit to identify themselves to the tracker. So if the vehicle is stolen and the transponder unit is not present, the trackers secure operating unit are alerted. The police and the secure operating centre can remotely immobilise the vehicle if stolen.

The best investment for prestige and high performance cars, available for nationwide installation by our THATCHAM approved engineers.

CobraTrak 5

GPS, GSM stolen vehicle recovery system with ADR Tag with optional web based tracking.

CobraTrak 5 is Cobra's top of range system, incorporating all the benefits of the standard CobraTrak Plus system with the added protection of: Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR), Remote Engine Immobilisation, the highest level of insurance accreditation available in the UK - Thatcham Category 5 and GPS and GSM jamming detection.

Tracker Cat 5 Plus

Exceeds the insurance requirements of the Thatcham Cat 5 standard. In addition to GPS, this system also uses a unique VHF technology.

Offering exceptional levels of security for high value, premium and luxury vehicles TRACKER Cat 5 Plus is unrivalled in the industry. Using a combination of our unique VHF technology together with GSM and GPS and creating alerts when a theft occurs even if your keys have been used, TRACKER Cat 5 Plus enables early detection of theft.

Trackstar CAT5

Thatcham Category 5 system for vehicle theft detection and recovery.

A unique wireless tag paired to the tracking unit. If this tag is not present, the system sends an alarm when the car is driven off.  The monitoring centre will then attempt to call the driver or owner to verify if there is a theft situation, and then track the car.  This process is designed to address 'key theft' and ensures that the police are notified at the earliest opportunity.

Install & 1 year: £899
Install & 1 years: £1299
1 Years re-subscription: £215
(Prices include VAT)
Device & Installation: £699
Annual Subscription: £199
3 Years Subscription: £549
(Prices include VAT)
Device & Installation: £699
Annual Subscription: £198
3 Years Subscription: £549
(Prices include VAT)

Meta Trak 5

A Thatcham accredited product suitable for customers who need a Category 5 approved GPS tracking system.

Meta Trak 5 provides a Thatcham approved Category 5 GPS/GSM Stolen Vehicle Tracking System. As standard a Category 5 product offers driver recognition tags, remote immobilisation, tow-away alerts, battery disconnect and battery low and tamper alerts but the Meta Trak 5 also provides a dedicated mobile app suitable for IOS and Android.

SmarTrack Category 5

Thatcham Category 5 certified vehicle tracking with choice of Driver Recognition Systems.

The SmarTrack Category 5 is SmarTracks top of the line vehicle tracking system featuring in-built battery back-up, driver ID tags and flexible monthly subscription options.

Install & 1 yr service: £799
Install & 3 yr service: £1099
Re-Subscription for 1 yr: £150
(Prices include VAT)
Device & Installation: £698
Annual Subscription: £199
3 Years Subscription: £570
(Prices include VAT)