Road Angel Fleet Asset

With Fleet Asset you'll know instantly where all your tracked items are on one map, day and night.

When Fleet Asset is disarmed or a theft has occurred, it switches into journey tracking mode and records the location of the item at 60 second intervals, so you'll always have a fix on its location, direction and speed.

If a theft occurs you'll want to act fast. By fitting Fleet Asset to any mobile item, if the worse happens you'll be the first to know. If an item fitted with Fleet Asset is stolen you'll receive:

  • An SMS text message alert
  • An email alert

This small, discrete device is suitable for anything you want to track and has an in-built battery that lasts up to 30 days.

How does it work?

If the item you've fitted Fleet Asset to is moved without being disarmed first, its in-built motion sensors generate an alert which is sent to you via SMS text message and email. The unit is armed and disarmed by switching the ignition on or off on the vehicle. Or if it's fitted without connection to an ignition feed, the process is done by SMS text message or via the web portal.

You can also use the system to alert you if an item is moved outside a specified 'safe area'. This effectively acts as an electronic security fence - as soon as it crosses the fence you are alerted


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