RoadHawk RH-2

Forward & inward facing twin camera system.

A box smaller than the average Sat Nav that sits on your windscreen and constantly loop records video, audio and speed and GPS information.

The RH-2 is uses the same internal electronics, GPS and shock sensors as the rest of the RoadHawk range of in car cameras. This is a two channel video recorder, it has both forward facing and inward facing cameras with wide angled lenses giving up to 310° all round surveillance.

The inward facing camera is supplied with a removeable Infra Red light bar to capture clear vivid images even at night making it the perfect choice for public transport or a taxi camera. A wired EMERGENCY remote controller is supplied. When the user pushes the button the RH-2 will store 3 minutes before and 3 minutes after the event.

Built-in G-Force sensors continually monitor for impacts at which point up to 3 minutes before and 1 minute after are stored on the SD memory card as an event that can later be used as evidence to support a claim.

The RH-2 is supplied with viewing software compatible with all versions of Windows (not MAC). The software reads the encrypted files from the SD card of the RH-2 and pulls data from Google Earth giving a realtime display of the vehcle's speed and position. This function works anywhere in the world and there are no subscription or on-going charges to pay.

Another useful function of the RH-2 is the ability to assign a name, driver or the vehicle registration mark to each unit. This is watermarked into the video making it much easier for large fleets looking to keep track of multiple vehicles.

Time and date is synchronised by GPS and the configuration has been simplified. The RH-2's plug and play nature allows it to be installed and in use in less than 5 minutes.

Each system is supplied with a 4gb Card (upgradeable to 32gb) which will hold around 90mins of video and data on a loop. When the card is full the unit starts to erase and overwrite the earliest data. A 2gb SD card can hold over 70 events such as SHOCK or EMERGENCY before they start to be overwritten.

DC-1 Specification:

Camera 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS 140deg lens and 170deg lens
Video Resolution 640 x 480 x 2 @ 19fps per camera (total 38fps)
Audio Recording Internal Mic (can be disabled using the software)
GPS Internal GPS module and antenna
G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor (Collision, Q-Break, Q-accel detection)
Data Storage SD Card (min 512mb, max 16GB SDHC)
Power Supply DC 8v - 36v

A clear and concise manual with pictures to aid installation and operation is included as is a CD-ROM with the operating software and manual in PDF format. The software can be freely distributed and installed on an unlimited number of PC computers.

RH-2 Supplied with:

1 x
RH-2 TEDR Driver Twin Camera System
1 x
Camera Window Bracket (adjustable)
1 x
Spare 3M VHB Sticky Pad
1 x
RH-2 EMERGENCY Remote Controller
1 x
Power Cable (standard accessory plug)
1 x
4gb SDHC Memory Card
1 x
User Manual
1 x
CD-ROM Software and Manual
1 x
SDHC USB Memory Card Reader


Roadhawk DC-1

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RoadHawk RH-2