RoadHawk Vehicle CCTV

Roadhawk Vehicle CCTV Cameras

In-Car CCTV is perfect complement to installing a vehicle tracker for even greater reductions in insurance premiums.

Designed in the UK for Commercial and Domestic vehicles, RoadHawk manufacture a full range of quality black box camera systems that capture video, audio, GPS and G-Force information. RoadHawk's latest innovation, the RoadHawk Ride is the first discreet, loop recording safety camera specifically designed for cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders.

RoadHawk DC-1

Forward facing, dash mounted camera for recording and storing audio and video.

The RoadHawk DC-1 vehicle drive recorder captures video, audio (can be disabled) G-Force and GPS data whilst you are driving. Using the supplied software you can play back the video files and see the exact vehicle speed, direction and position overlayed on to Google Maps.

RoadHawk HD

A high end, forward facing 1080p dash mounted camera and recorder.

RoadHawk HD uses a high end 1080p video processor and very high quality CMOS sensor not found in other leading brands of forward facing cameras. This chipset is capable of 720p / 60 frames per second or 1080p 30 frames per second.

RoadHawk RH-2

Forward & inward facing twin camera system.

A forward facing and inward facing camera, makes it the perfect choice for public transport or a taxi camera.

Device & Installation: £229
(Prices include VAT)
Device & Installation: £289
(Prices include VAT)
Device & Installation: £345
(Prices include VAT)