Tracker Fleet Plus with Private Milage Switch

Brings next-generation Fleet telematics to today's advanced fleet operators which can be customised to suit your specific needs.

TRACKER appreciates how important it is for businesses to save time and money. Our market leading fleet tracking product provides real time fleet information, enabling you to keep control of your assets and make informed decisions.

With 18 years' experience in the telematics industry and the security that comes with being owned by RBS Insurance, TRACKER provides the knowledge and confidence you would expect from an industry leading telematics provider. Taking advantage of the highly resilient back office system requirements of the financial services sector, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands.


  • Live Reporting
  • Privacy mode
  • Single input customisation
  • Minimise fuel costs by eliminating unnecessary journeys
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and your carbon footprint
  • Increase workforce utilisation and boost profits
  • Build customer satisfaction by keeping your customers informed and up to date with any unforeseen events
  • Tracker's patented Transient Voltage Detection technology
  • Partnership with Google for advanced mapping
  • Fully resilient data centres
  • Battery-powered option for non-powered assets
  • 18 years experience in the telematics industry
  • The confidence that goes with being a part of RBS Insurance
  • Industry leading technical solutions

Fuel card integration

With the dramatic escalation of fuel prices there is now even greater focus on monitoring, managing and saving fuel within any organisation operating a fleet of vehicles.

TRACKER Fuel Card Integration is now available on both TRACKER Fleet and TRACKER Fleet Plus and allows customers to upload fuel card data from any suppplier at no extra cost.

Why do I need fuel card integration?

Most fleets of any significant size are operating fuel cards and use fuel card reports to assist in the monitoring and managing of fuel. While the reports provide an accurate picture of the amount of fuel being consumed, there is often no proof which vehicle has been fuelled and mileage discrepancies may arise due to the manual recording of the vehicle odometer. Incorporating TRACKER data with your fleet data, using the fuel card integration feature could help highlight discrepancies and improve the overall efficiency of your fleet.

The fuel card integration feature addresses two areas of concern for fleet managers; the accuracy of fuel information and the identification of potentially fraudulent activity and fuel-wasting practices.

Accuracy of fuel information:

  • Actual fuel costs and actual fuel used are reflected in the reports
  • Reliance on manual forecourt mileage records is negated
  • Precise GPS-based location and time data is available for each card transaction
  • A suite of reports compile all the fuel data to help drive fuel efficiency

Fraudulent and wasteful practices:

  • Alerts are used to highlight fuel-wasting practices (e.g. siphoning, second vehicle fills, private car fills) and fuel theft by monitoring
  • Fuel type
  • Time and location of fuel stop
  • Distance between fuel stops
  • High fuel consumption


Tracker Fleet Plus
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