Tracker Locate

Cat 6, GPS, GSM and VHF radio tracking with movement sensor & My TRACKER Website access.

Using a unique combination of GPS, GSM and VHF technology and including the My TRACKER website where vehicle owners can access information about their vehicle, TRACKER Locate offers an unrivalled combination of advanced tracking technologies and vehicle information.

How TRACKER Locate works

TRACKER Locate is a small tracking device which is hidden in your vehicle by an approved engineer. Once activated, TRACKER Locate allows your vehicle to be tracked if it's stolen.

Taking advantage of its inbuilt motion sensor, TRACKER Locate will alert TRACKER if a vehicle is moved illegally without the owner's consent.

TRACKER Locate uses three methods of location:

  • Very High Frequency (VHF) technology, allows the police to track a stolen vehicle even if it's hidden in a garage or lock-up
  • Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology is used to highlight the area in which the vehicle is located
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) provides the stolen vehicle's position

What is My TRACKER?

My TRACKER gives owners of TRACKER Locate fitted vehicles access to a bespoke website offering a host of information about their vehicle. Driving and journey reports are included, as well as mapping and traffic information. My TRACKER can be viewed on most modern web browsers and platforms such as tablets and smartphones.


Police support

TRACKER is the only tracking system operated by All UK police forces

Technical excellence

TRACKER can locate vehicles even in lock ups, shipping containers and underground car parks

Reduce your insurance

With TRACKER fitted on your car, many insurance companies will offer discount on your premium

Market leading

TRACKER and Police have helped reunite 20,800 customers with their pride and joy

Full European coverage

Using a combination of the three technologies; VHF, GPS and GSM, TRACKER Locate provides tracking throughout the UK and Europe (full European tracking is subject to cellular coverage).


Tracker Locate Stolen Recovery Systems
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