Tracker Monitor

Cat 7, VHF radio tracking with movement sensor

If the vehicle is moved without the key in the ignition the system is activated and Tracker will call the vehicle owner and the Police. The system then transmits a VHF radio signal which all the UK's 52 police forces can use to trace the vehicle.

With over 18 years of experience, TRACKER provides the most advanced stolen vehicle recovery service on the market.


Police support

TRACKER is the only tracking system operated by All UK police forces

Technical excellence

TRACKER can locate vehicles even in lock ups, shipping containers and underground car parks

Reduce your insurance

With TRACKER fitted on your car, many insurance companies will offer discount on your premium

Market leading

TRACKER and Police have helped reunite 20,800 customers with their pride and joy

European cover

TRACKER Monitor is covered in the following European countries (in addition to the UK):



Tracker Monitor Stolen Recovery System
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