Trafficmaster Trackstar Advance

Thatcham Category 6 system with driver identification technology.

Trackstar Advance – CAT6 Stolen Vehicle Tracking with sophisticated driver identification technology providing enhanced vehicle security inhibiting unauthorised vehicle start.

With the trend in vehicle theft moving towards the use of electronic intervention methods, which currently accounts for over 50% of stolen vehicles, Trackstar are pleased to offer the next generation Stolen Vehicle Tracking system, Trackstar Advance.

This new Telematics innovation introduces measures to combat the growing levels of car theft involving the use of electronic devices to facilitate the theft of the vehicle. Trackstar Advance has been developed in conjunction with the Thatcham Motor Research Centre and Trafficmaster’s OEM partners and has been launched to provide Dealers and vehicle owners with an additional choice in the battle to overcome vehicle theft.

Trackstar Advance has been certified as a Thatcham CAT6 product, but unlike existing offerings in the market, is armed with additional features and enhancements to combat electronic theft. The system incorporates technology for theft prevention in addition to existing Stolen Vehicle Tracking capabilities- utilising proven Trackstar CAT6 hardware and expertise as a global service provider of Stolen Vehicle Tracking covering over 50 countries.

Monitor your vehicle with the Trackstar App, the Stolen Vehicle Tracking App for Android and IOS.

Trackstart AppThe Trackstar App provides Trackstar customers with powerful functions to complement the Trackstar tracking system, such as:

Vehicle Location: Will show you the last known location of the vehicle, normally where the vehicle was parked.

Geofencing: Enables a Trackstar customer to define a location and receive an email alert if the vehicle is moved outside of the geofence.

Journey History: Provides a view of recent journeys.

Journey Replay: Allows the customer to replay a recent journey, showing the position of the vehicle and its speed for the duration of the journey. The app is now available and is downloadable from iTunes and Google Playstore.

Trackstar CAT5 Stolen Car Tracker
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