Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R

Especially designed for Stolen Vehicle Tracking of Plant and Agricultural Machinery.

What is it?

The TM470R is a ruggedised real-time GPS tracking system designed for Stolen Vehicle Tracking of Plant and Agricultural Machinery.


It features the latest GPS and GSM technology that give increased tracking sensitivity and fast wireless communication anywhere in the world! The TM470R provides a range of connectivity including digital inputs, relay outputs and serial connections. Ruggedised, toughened outer casing, Thatcham Category 6, TQA391, complies to IP66 & IP67, offers integrated European cover in over 50 countries, Telenor Sim and battery monitoring.

What are the customer benefits?

  • Ability to locate a vehicle real time to determine it is still on the site it was delivered to
  • Hours capture to understand vehicle use and increase profitability and productivity
  • Save on service costs with accurate hours used
  • Ability to geofence your fleet to sites, generating alerts when a vehicle is moved to an alternative site/yard (when available)

Technical Specification

  • Ruggedised, toughened outer casing
  • Telenor Sim
  • Offers integrated European cover in over 50 countries
  • 12Volt Negative Ground
  • 3 x Wire connection, Permanent, Switched and ground
  • Thatcham Category 6, TQA391
  • Quiescent drain <2mA when in full sleep mode
  • Complies to IP66 and IP67
  • Dimensions approx. 155mm x 45mm x 102mm
  • Quad Band GSM/GPRS global communications
  • SIM-card or SIM IC
  • Remote Configuration
  • Non-destructive Over-The-Air software update
  • 50-channel GPS module (GAL/LEO-ready), with
    Super Sense (increased sensitivity) and Kick Start
    (accelerated start up)
  • Motion sensing (3-Axis Accelerometer)
  • Monitors vehicle 5 battery presence and voltage
    Internal battery with intelligent fast charger featuring:
    temperature sensing
  • battery condition monitoring
  • RS232 external interface for peripheral connection
  • 2 x Relay Drive Outputs with back EMF protection
  • 4 x Digital inputs*
  • Vehicle bus interface to SAE )1708 (RS485)*
  • Vehicle bus interface to SAE )1939 (CANj*
  • Secondary RS232 interface *
  • HD Lithium-Ion battery back up
  • GSM & GPS FAKRA connectors
  • Internal antenna*

(*optional features)

Trackstar TM470 / Protector2
Installation & Subscription

Supply and fit of the Trackstar TM470 device

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1 Year service subscription

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3 Years service subscription

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Installation price is for work carried out on our premises. Please call us for an installation price at a different location.